The Office Of American Innovation

The Office Of American Innovation

The Office Of American Innovation πŸ’‘
Founded in 1960, is a web and mobile technology development company with over 56 years of experience helping our customers solve their IT challenges. We help government and commercial organizations develop and implement cost effective web and mobile solutions that streamline and unify communications with their customers. Our agile development methodologies and tools coupled with our deep industry knowledge and experience allow us to deliver innovative solutions that help our customers meet their mission and realize a positive return on investment.

Our customers benefit by having a trusted advisor that will help them navigate the following five greatest challenges facing government IT leaders today:

Federal IT Project History - Federal IT mishaps go back over 200+ years and include trillions of US dollars worth of projects that were cancelled before delivering any value.
Project Complexity and Scope Makes Success Elusive - Large government projects typically experience inestimable #scope_of_work#creep
Government Infrastructure Meets Modern Communication - Government systems lag behind commercial capabilities that #expectations. Any client server demands instant communication and feedback through social media and other modern forms of communication.
Security Nightmares - The Senate, NASA, and all branches of the military have experienced dangerous criminal breaches. 96% of the security breaches were avoidable and the average cost per incident is 7.2 Million. The Cloud first initiative is further complicating the security
The Intricacies of Procurement - Vendors play a significant role in the success of a project. The viewpoint that government should not engage with vendors because of issues with perceived favoritism needs to be defeated. A weak vendor/client relationship is one of the biggest reasons for an unsuccessful project. ref:opensource Engagement upfront can help the government to shape their requirements and have a much clearer picture of the solution that is required.
In other words every brand product service cause or start-up concept owns a process what's yours?

Earn while you learn how to communicate better manage better serve better everyday using music video email and shortcode Technology.

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